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Corporate Relocation and Relocation Packages for Employees- How to make the most of your move

5 septembre 2017,

Have you finally got your dream job with a great relocation package? Whether you need to move to Vancouver from Ottawa or cross country to the USA, you can relax.  Your relocation package will help you to move your entire household without breaking sweat.

It is quite common for major companies to pay for relocation of their employees.  There is nothing more welcoming to a new member of the company than a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Most companies have a company relocation package for employees and can be one of 3 options:

  • ✓ Company-appointed van line to handle your relocation needs
  • ✓ A relocation package in cash that you can spend as you wish
  • ✓ Reimbursement of your moving expenses up to a certain limit such as $10,000

Whichever relocation package you have been offered, you can ensure a stress-free and reliable move with professional moving companies.  You can make the most of your cash relocation package for full packing and unpacking services and safe transport of your household goods.



Professional Moving Companies Are Corporate Relocation Specialists

Whether you are based in Ontario, Quebec, or anywhere in Canada, professional moving companies provide successful relocation to employees.  As corporate relocation specialists, they understand how difficult it is to get established in a new community far from home.  Thus, they offer a wide range of relocation services to ensure the smooth transition of your whole family to your new home.

Because you don’t have to worry about your relocation, you can focus on preparing for your new job responsibilities.


Canada and USA Relocation Services

If you’ve been transferred by your company to a location in the United States, professional moving companies will efficiently handle the logistics of your move.

Our moving partners provide extensive moving services to executives from universities or corporations and all kinds of professionals.

A relocation specialist will visit your current home to assess the size of your move and recommend moving services to make your relocation easier and smooth.

Complete Packing and Unpacking Services are available so you don’t have to worry about packing your wardrobe, disassembling and assembling your furniture, and boxing your fragile goods such as art pieces and glassware.

As you are making an international move, you need trained professionals who understand customs regulations as well as provide you with professional support you need, even in multiple languages.  Your movers should ensure that you have all the required documentation to avoid any delays in clearing your goods from customs and delivering your cargo to your new location safely and soundly.

Relocation Services available for Canada and USA relocation include:

  • ✓ Full packing services
  • ✓ Vehicle Transportation
  • ✓ Servicing of appliances
  • ✓ Crating
  • ✓ Customs Documentation Assistance
  • ✓ Short or long-term storage (if you need to store selected items)

To find out how much your move will cost, you can obtain free moving quotes from our moving partners by simply filling-out our short online form.


Worldwide Moving Services for Stress-Free Relocation

Relocating to another country can bring many unexpected problems.  It can be so complex that it could take an individual several months to get everything settled. Closing and moving a home, breaking a lease, even finding a rental or new home thousands of miles away can be very challenging to do.  International moving companies offer a wide variety of corporate relocation services to assist individuals in every step of the move.

A corporate relocation package for worldwide moving can include the following:

  • Administrative tasks such as closing out the home
  • Liaise with a landlord, tenant, or third parties
  • Assistance with customs regulations and requirements
  • Rental or property search in the new location
  • Complete packing services
  • Reliable and safe transport of household goods

If your company has given you the flexibility to arrange for your own relocation service, it is to your advantage to select a professional and experienced moving company.


Qualities to look for in a corporate relocation specialist

It is critical that you choose only an experienced and trustworthy corporate relocation specialist.  You don’t want to start your new adventure with mishaps like delayed delivery of your goods, damaged or missing items, or a stressful moving experience.

When considering your professional moving company, you should check on the following:

  • ✓ Is the moving company fully licensed and insured?
  • ✓ Is the moving company a member of a reputable international moving association like International Association of Movers or FIDI Global Alliance?
  • ✓ How long has the moving company been in operation?
  • ✓ What is the customer feedback about their moving services?
  • ✓ Is it in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?
  • ✓ What is the extent of their international network or resources?

Don’t be shy to ask the right questions from your moving company. Obtain references and make sure to have the details of your relocation in writing.


Undisputable Benefits of Paying for movers

Paying for moving services is the least stressful option when it comes to relocation.  Naturally, it costs a little more than a DIY job but in the long run, damaged property, injury to yourself, lost time, and labor could cost you so much more.

When making a long distance or international move, your moving company will present you with moving charges based on the distance of travel and the weight of your cargo.  Depending on your destination, the moving company will assess your needs and provide you with the most cost-effective method of transport for your household goods.

There could be add-on costs to your final moving bill, such as if you will need auto relocation, moving storage, or additional moving insurance.


Check out these top 5 corporate relocation specialists in Canada

There are a number of corporate relocation specialists in Canada that can take care of a cross-country or international move to any part of the world.

Professional moving companies offer unique moving services that can be tailored to your individual needs and budget. Not all moving companies are the same and it is up to you to find and choose the most reliable mover available.

Below are just 5 of the top corporate relocation specialists in Canada that can undertake any kind of relocation to ensure a successful move.


1. Armstrong Moving

This professional moving company is the biggest moving partner of United Van Lines in Canada.  It has branches in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

The company can execute any move within Canada or to the USA.  It has a long list of corporate clientele to attest to its exemplary moving services in more than 2 decades.  It has been a member of FIDI for a long time and has connections with over 600 international moving companies worldwide.  They guarantee to personalize your moving services to meet high professional and ethical standards.


2. North American Van Lines

This moving company does not only provide moving boxes or trucks but stops at nothing to deliver the best relocation experience.

They offer complete packing services, crating, storage, delivery and vehicle shipping. The company employs specialists throughout the world to move and assist employees.  With worldwide resources at their disposal, their employee relocation services are unparalleled no matter what side of the globe.  The company also has an online shipment tracking technology that allows customers to check the status of their shipment for total peace of mind.

Since 1933, this moving company has been providing excellent relocation services across the world and has more than 500 agents throughout North America.


3. Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage

Based in Ottawa, this professional relocation specialist has over 100 years of experience in the industry.  It has been a moving agent of United Van Lines since 1967.

As a large independent network, they are well-equipped to conduct long distance moving anywhere in Canada or even the world.

They provide a free in-home estimate to give an accurate moving estimate to ensure that your final moving bill will not increase by more than 10%.

Cassidy’s is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers.


4. Great Canadian Van Lines

This moving company began operations in Calgary in 1990.  It relocated to Vancouver in 1992 where it has been based for more than 20 years.

While they primarily service long distance moves between Vancouver and Toronto, they also have regular departures weekly for almost every city in Canada.  The company also does regular service from Canada to the western and eastern seaboard of the USA.

For international shipping to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, New Zealand or Africa, the company can take care of ocean container or air freight and provide packing and crating of household goods.  They also assist with marine cargo insurance protection and export documentation preparation.

This moving company is a proud member of the American Moving and Storage Association, the Better Business Bureau, and the Canadian Association of Movers.


5. Mayflower Transit Canada

Since 1927, this moving company has been a symbol of competence and integrity in the moving industry. As a Canadian-owned van line, it makes every relocation a personal experience.

The company specializes in moving within Canada, moving from Canada to the USA, or moving overseas.

This moving company also offers shipping of household goods by van or moving containers (for moves of 700 miles or more within Canada). This can give the customer more flexibility with delivery options and additional savings.

It is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Association of Movers, and the Canadian Trucking Association Alliance.

Get more value out of your relocation package by investing it in professional and reliable moving services. You’ll be glad to have experts handling your goods and taking care of all aspects so you have less to worry about.


Taxable and Non-Taxable Moving Expenses and relocation benefits

In Canada, moving expenses given or reimbursed by companies to employees are usually not taxable benefits.  These could include amounts incurred for moving the employee and family members as well as household goods.  The destination can be within or outside Canada.  This is also true for employees returning to their original residence after assignment at a remote work station.

If the employee is provided a relocation allowance that does not require submission of receipts, amount in excess of $650 may be taxable income.


Full-Service Moving Companies Can Move You Anywhere

Full-service movers provide all moving services you could ever need.  Starting from an accurate moving estimate, your pick-up and delivery dates, packing of your belongings and transport to your new home, they have trained personnel to get you from point A to B.

International and cross country moving companies have the expertise in packing, moving logistics, and border custom regulations.

Your complete moving service can be customized to suit your needs. To get a ballpark figure of the cost of your move, you can use free moving quotes to set up your budget.


Research & Compare 5 Free Moving Estimates from Reputable Movers

Long distance moving services will certainly cost money. Depending on your destination, it could easily cost several thousands of dollars.

In that case, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and that you get the best price.

The cost of your long distance move will depend on various factors – your current location, your destination, size of your home and its contents, your moving date, and the moving services you need.

Comparing moving quotes from international and cross-country movers can help you find your best moving partner faster and easier.

Tell us about your move by filling-out our short online form today. You will receive the most competitive quotes from our partner moving companies.

Request for 5 free moving estimates from our network of experienced relocation specialists to find a licensed and insured high quality moving company.

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