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Residential Movers: Compare 5 FREE Moving Quotes from Local Movers

Local residential moving quotes
10 January 2016,

Do you want to move and don’t know where to start? Well, the internet can be a nice place to start your search. Getting a moving company can be quite stressful and needs planning in advance. 5 Movers Quotes is the residential mover of choice for any type of residential move, whether you are moving your apartment or your family’s home. Though it may seem like just renting a moving truck for your household goods, you need cost-effective option. Hiring professional movers can actually be as affordable as or even more so like a do-it-yourself move. 5 movers quotes can provide you with an economical solution for your residential move based on your needs for a worry-free, full service recollection.


Moving Quotes from Local Residential Movers in Canada and the United States


How to find a moving company?

Local residential moving quotesDetermine how far you plan on moving your stuff. If you’re relocating from Arizona to New Jersey, you will likely wish to hire a moving company experienced in moving across state lines. If on the other hand, you are moving from one urban neighbourhood to another, look for moving companies that cater to people who live in your city.

Ask people for recommendations and warnings. One good way to begin your search is through word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers. While researching these companies is still an important step, having a rough idea of which are competent and which should be avoided can save you a lot of time

Ask local real estate agents for recommendations. Call one or two local real estate agents and ask if they can recommend a moving company. They have likely assisted many of their customers moving in or out of your current area.

Look for moving services in the phone book. Use a copy of the local phone book or yellow pages to search under “Moving” for possible companies to investigate. The companies listed should have actual addresses in your area, and are much less likely to scam you than the companies you find on an internet search. If there are too many companies to research, narrow it down to companies that have been in business for at least ten years. Many listings will have a “founded,” “est.,” or “since” date that will tell you when the company was created.

Search online cautiously. If you don’t have at least three companies to research, or if the companies you found by other methods turned out not to suit your needs, it’s time to search online. Search for “moving company” plus the name of your city or area, but be cautious to avoid online scams. Every company website should display an address in your area, and you should never enter personal information or pay a fee to access the site. Research companies found online with special care, as described in the next section.

Avoid moving brokers. You may be tempted to hire a “moving broker” that claims to arrange a good deal for you. Unfortunately, at least in the United States and the United Kingdom, moving brokers are not subject to the same consumer protection laws that prevent ordinary moving companies from scamming or mistreating their customers.

Look for company reviews online. Look up the company’s name on sites such as or Yelp. You might find a recommendation, a rating, or a warning that the company engages in scams or bad service. Try to search on several well-known websites to get more information. If it sounds like the company may have scammed people in the past, cross it off your list.

Visit the company website. The company website is usually listed in the phone directory, or easily found through an online search. If the website looks amateur, is difficult to navigate, or doesn’t contain the information you need, you might want to look for a more professional company.

At a minimum, the website should clearly tell you:

  • The company’s full name. If this is different than you expected, or if there are multiple names listed, search for additional reviews to make sure it is a real company.
  • The address of the company. Never hire a company with no address. A large company with multiple locations may have an address look-up to find offices near you.
  • Contact information, including a phone number and email address

Ask for an on-site estimate. Once you’re sure a company is legitimate, it’s time to find out about pricing. Contact the company to request an on-site estimate, in which the company sends an employee to examine your belongings and estimate how much the move will cost. Ask for a “binding” estimate if possible, which will clearly list the cost of each service. A “nonbinding” estimate could become significantly more expensive when the company actually charges you. The exact laws governing binding and nonbinding estimates vary between states and countries, so look up the laws in your area if you want to be sure what the estimate tells you. 5 Movers Quotes is a free service to receive many quotes online fast.

Inquire about all extra charges. Read the fine print carefully to work out how much the move will actually cost. Ask the company to disclose all fees, including fees for moving certain items, packing and unpacking each carton, or using additional packing material if a carton comes apart. If the fees seem unreasonable, move on to another company.

Learn about how to get reimbursed for damaged or lost items. Ask the movers for information on valuation or liability, which will tell you how much the movers will owe you if items are damaged or lost during shipment. A moving company may offer several valuation services at different prices, and if you do not specifically sign a document agreeing to one service, they may try to charge you on a more expensive plan.


Cost of moving companies calculated

How much does it cost to hire movers? Whether you’re on the fence about using your own muscle versus hired muscle for your move, it will cost you either way. It basically boils down to whether you choose to spend your time or your money.

If you’re short on time and manpower or just want to offset some of the tasks onto professional soldiers, then hiring a licensed, reputable and experienced mover sounds like your best option. Requesting free move estimates is the most reliable and accurate way to budget for your moving costs, and to shop around for the best options.

But if you want to gauge a ballpark quote before contacting movers, then it’s helpful to understand some of the basics. Most professional moving companies will estimate your moving costs on a combination of the following factors:

  • Distance
  • Weight (critical factor in a long distance move)
  • Time
  • Move size/Difficulty
  • Crew size
  • Gas

The longer you move and the heavier your shipment, the higher your move cost will be.

Let’s break down those factors into a simple formula for local (in-state moves less than 50 miles) and long distance (out of state moves).

Your Basic Local Move Formula

(Base hourly rate) X (# of movers) X (# of hours loading/unloading/transit) + (Gas/tolls) + (Packing services/materials)

Your Basic Long Distance Move Formula

(Weight) X (Rate based on shipment Weight and Distance) + (Packing services/materials) + (Shuttle Fee if your destination cannot accommodate a typical large long distance moving van) + (Optional full value protection of your shipment)

Your residential move in Canada guaranteed

Moving should be a stress-free for you and your family in Canada. 5 movers Quotes ensure that your dream move is as smooth as a whistle. It enables you to run your move professionally, quickly and precisely. If it’s a residential move anywhere in Canada, you are covered. This is made so by the excellent and professional movers that are always willing to help you.


What services do 5 movers Quotes offer?

Compare prices from residential moversPacking and Unpacking

Experienced and professional movers will handle the packaging of your household items and furniture using techniques that ensure the protection of any item handled. Everything is assessed and packaged according to size and fragility. Everything will be packaged and handled with all the necessary precautions:

On arrival, the unpacking is done with the same care and the same attention to detail by our professional movers. Coordination between the moving teams ensures that there are no complications whatsoever and that your items arrive on time without any delay.

Loading and offloading

Our professional partners organize the loading of your furniture and objects using a methodical technique where all items are listed and labelled. So everything will go smoothly without congestion and without disorder. Our movers are experienced in loading objects and furniture through stairs, elevators and/or any difficult pathways.

5 Movers Quote consultant at your service

Your residential move is made simply easy with a moving consultant who will establish and make a plan for your move that will suite your needs and pocket. You won’t be overwhelmed with jargon but everything will be explained in plain and simple, easy to understand English. It’s basically professionalism with a personal touch. 5 movers is different from other moving companies in that if you want a to move, you will send a quote on the site. A list to probable movers will contact you with the approximate cost for the move. You will then pick the one that best suits your needs. It’s as simple as that really.

Residential moving customized

Our moving partners have designed our residential moving services to be customizable to your exact needs. So, no matter how much you want to use or how little you want us involved, it’s completely up to you. We can simply inventory your packed items that you did yourself, load them onto our secure trucks and unload your goods at your destination. Want to pack yourself? We can provide you with all the packing supplies you need. Want us to handle the entire relocation? Our residential movers will pack, load, deliver, unload, and place your furniture and boxes where you want them, unpack and throw out the boxes. Need help with disassembly/assembly of your furniture or fitness equipment? We can do it all as your residential mover.

Other residential moving services include storage-in-transit, vehicle and boat shipping, motorcycle shipping, custom crating and so much more.No matter what your needs are, our partners have a customized solution


No moving companies can match our partners

5 Movers Quotes takes the hassle out of a residential move with our comprehensive, competitively-priced services. Whether you have a local move or need to move your household goods to another province or across an ocean, 5 movers quotes can provide the residential moving services you can depend on for a seamless relocation. Moving takes energy, time and money. Let 5 Movers Quotes provide you with the resources necessary for a hassle-free move, managing your move from start to finish. Allied is the residential moving company who lets you control your relocation, even while we’re managing it.


Your move will be handled by professionals and you won’t need to worry about your items and goods being lost or mishandled. Our quality service is one of the biggest benefits to moving with 5 movers quotes. We do the research regarding what works and what doesn’t during household moving to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The extensive measures we take guarantee quality throughout the household move for an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Our quality-enhancing quality assurance programs ensure that every move is a quality move. A formal inspection of our fleet of vehicles is conducted once a year. The driver inspects the vehicles daily. Vehicles must be cleaned inside and out habitually, and the appearance must be at an acceptable level at all times.


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