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What to know about moving during the Covid-19 pandemic


The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and has had a profound impact on even ordinary activities such as moving in Canada or moving to the US.

While we do our best to practice social distancing and postponing vacations, some things just can’t wait. If you have a new job, a new house, or anything that requires you to move to a new location, you can still safely do so.

How do you move safely during this pandemic? Is it safe to hire a moving company for a relocation?

These are important questions and we want to help you plan your move as safely and conveniently as possible.

In this article, you will learn about the most frequently asked questions about relocating during the pandemic and how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You can also use our short online form to contact reputable movers in your area to choose the right moving company with free and no-obligation quotes!

Tips on how to plan your move during the pandemic


Controlling your contact with people outside your immediate household decreases your risk of contracting Covid-19. This is particularly important because many infected individuals are asymptomatic which means they are not aware that they could be spreading the virus.

In many cases, the moving date cannot be changed because a lease has ended or a house has been sold. It is important to understand that you still have the option to hire professional movers to relocate.

Moving services are considered as essential services and while many moving companies may have closed temporarily or permanently, there are still many experienced and reliable movers to choose from.

We recommend that you plan your move by:

• Doing your research. Compare multiple movers based on price, services available, and ease of communication.

• Interview the mover by phone and ask what measures they take for social distancing, etc.

• Request for an assessment of your inventory using photos or video.

• Limit your coordination by phone or email until the moving day. (pricing, contract, etc.)

• Pay for the move electronically as much as possible.

• Order moving supplies online and pack your own belongings, if possible.

• Make sure to wear face masks and frequently wash your hands during the move.

• Make sure your movers keep their distance from each other at least 2 meters apart and wear face masks.

Professional moving companies are aware of the risks and take the necessary measures to protect their movers and their customers. While their moving services remain the same, the way they deliver the customer experience has changed and maintain little or no contact between movers and clients.

You can use our short online form to safely obtain multiple moving quotes from our partner moving companies. You will receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes to compare in the safety of your home.

Rental of Moving Truck for Relocation: DIY Moving

Some people prefer to just rent a moving truck from U-Haul and do a DIY move. This seems like a cheaper alternative to moving. Large moving truck rental companies still continue to operate and you may need to book your truck online or by phone.

One of the disadvantages of renting a moving truck is that you will need to pick-up and return the truck and load and unload your own boxes. If you only have a few things to move, a DIY move may be an ideal solution for you.

But if you are moving furniture, appliances, and boxes of belongings for an entire family, there is a much more convenient and easier solution.

Did you know that moving companies offer budget packages with a moving truck and 2 or 3 movers at an hourly rate? For local moves, it may take only 4 hours or less to complete a small move. The truck is delivered to your point of origin and you don’t need to drive to return the truck.

If you get this deal for a moving truck with movers, you have people to help you carry heavy boxes and furniture.

Moving companies carry insurance so your move is protected in case of loss or damage. The Canadian Association of Movers advises consumers to discuss with the moving company a plan for adequate liability protection and COVID-19 safety protocols prior to a move.

If you want to get an idea of what the cost of your local move will be, fill out the form and request free moving quotes today.

Specialty Moving Services available during the pandemic

Moving during this pandemic can still be hassle-free and convenient with careful planning and selection of your moving company.

Movers continue to offer the following specialty moving services for your convenience:

• Moving boxes and other supplies
• Packing and unpacking
• Moving truck with 2, 3 or more movers
• Local moving
• Long-distance moving
• International moving
• Piano or pool table moving
• Storage services
• Eco-friendly and reusable moving bins

Prices among the many moving companies in your area will differ. Keep in mind that most of these companies are operating with reduced working hours or staff. It is best to book your move early and reserve your moving date.

Stay safe and at ease by using our short online form to contact the best moving companies near you!

How to make a cross-border move during the pandemic

Cross-border moves from Canada to the US and vice-versa are very common. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many people still want to come to Canada or the US to live, work, or study.

Experienced moving companies continue to offer cross-border moving to help simplify the process and make the transition as smooth as possible. They know border restrictions and requirements and will make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

International movers will be able to assist you with:

• Packing and crating of belongings and furniture
• Handling of fragile items
• Temporary storage, if needed
• Transport and safe delivery of your cargo from Canada to the US or vice-versa
• Assistance with customs

Requirements for entering the US from Canada:

• Passports of all family members, birth certificates, and photo identification
• Work visas, I-94 or as applicable
• Social security numbers
• Accomplished 3299 forms
• Marriage certificate for spouses using different family names
• Letter from the employer specifying the reason for the transfer

Family members must have entered the United States before their goods.

As you can see, moving cross-border from Canada to the US can be a daunting experience. Obtaining the assistance of an experienced international moving company will do much to simplify the process.

Studies show that more than 50% of Canadians living or working abroad are based in the US. If you need to move during the pandemic, call on cross-border moving companies to help you. These legitimate and reputable movers will also provide adequate moving insurance coverage to protect your belongings.

Border restrictions for entry into Canada continue. Be prepared with travel documents and answer questions truthfully and declare your goods.

Moving long-distance from Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto to Anywhere


The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many people to look for cheaper cost of living, less congested areas, and available jobs elsewhere. Hence, a lot of Canadians are still moving out of their cities for better living conditions or to meet changing lifestyles.

If you are moving long-distance from Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, or other cities in Canada, know that there are plenty of good moving companies to help you. A quick search of “good moving companies” will show you tons of results but know that in reality, not all of them are such. In fact, many low-quality movers call themselves “good” or “best” in their advertisements. It is up to you to recognize the good ones and make the best selection.

Good moving companies will always have the following credentials:

• License
• Accreditation with provincial transportation regulatory agencies
• Insurance coverage
• Physical address and contact numbers
• Affiliation with organizations such as the Canadian Association of Movers, the American Moving and Storage Association, or local chambers of businesses.
• Online reviews

Further, provincial regulations require a detailed inventory of the cargo to be moved before transporting them.

Make sure to check a copy of the moving contract and go over the details regarding the price (is it guaranteed cost?), the pick-up time and delivery of your goods, insurance coverage, etc.

Cost of Long-Distance Moving

As mentioned earlier, moving companies charge long-distance moves based on the distance and the weight of your cargo.

Due to the pandemic, moving companies will recommend a virtual inventory of your belongings using video or photos before the move. They will then provide you with a quote which can be guaranteed or not-to-exceed estimate. Make sure to ask questions from your mover before agreeing to the price.

During the moving day, your cargo will be loaded to the truck and weighed to calculate the final cost. A long-distance move with a distance of 1600 km. cost, on average, about $4,800 for a 2 or 3- bedroom home with cargo weighing about 3,175 kilograms.

Movers usually charge from $0.50 to $0.70 per pound of goods. For a 1-bedroom apartment with a cargo of around 2,000 pounds to travel a distance of 1,000 miles, the average cost is around $1,000 to $1,400.

Some movers would charge for moving supplies such as moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts while others may give it as part of their package. You should always check the inclusions of your quote to make sure there are no hidden charges.

If you are packing your own boxes, ask the mover about liability for loss or damage to items you packed yourself as they are not normally covered by the company.

You can also check provincial and territorial travel requirements for travelling between provinces.


FAQs about moving during the pandemic

We understand that these are unusual times and you have more to worry about regarding your move. We want to help with these FAQs so you can prepare for the move as efficiently as possible.

What is the COVID-19 policy for local or long-distance moving?

Every city or province will have policies regarding travel at this time. It is a good idea to check your own municipality and your intended destination for their requirements. Generally speaking, travel is allowed as long as you adhere to social distancing guidelines. The usual policies for moving before the pandemic will still be in place. You can check for more information on goods classified as dangerous or prohibited for transport in Canada.

What happens if I need to cancel my move?

If you have scheduled a move and want to cancel for some reason, moving companies offer flexibility and will be amenable to such changes provided you give them adequate notice. Their policies for cancelation differ from one company to another so make sure to check your moving agreement.

What is the policy for self-moves during the pandemic?

The procedures for DIY moving is more or less the same as it was before the pandemic aside from having friends help out in exchange for beer and pizza. You will need to make sure to use hand sanitizers, soap, paper towels frequently and main social distancing if you are asking a couple of friends or movers to help out.

Make arrangements with a new landlord about collecting your keys safely and about any move-in procedures. Preparing well before your move will enable you to maintain social distancing and be safe throughout the process.

Can I hire movers?

Yes, moving is classified as an essential service so you can hire a moving company to help you. Many of them may be operating at less than full capacity so it is advisable to book ahead of time. Movers are well aware of precautionary measures they should take and will advise you on how to make a safe move tailored to your needs.

Will somebody come to my home to conduct a check before the move?

No, most moving companies use virtual surveys rather than in-home assessment to provide you with a moving estimate. They will also coordinate with you by phone, email, or other online apps.

Can I use recycled moving boxes?

Experts say that the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. This is not the time to pinch pennies and put your health at risk by picking up used boxes just anywhere. It is best to use new ones from the store or moving companies. You may use the boxes you have at home, too.

What can I provide for the movers on moving day?

Movers will appreciate if you provide them with bottled drinking water. It is also advisable to leave out soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizers around your home that they can use.

Should I postpone moving?

If you can postpone your move, it may be better to do so. However, some moves cannot be postponed such as when a lease has expired or to take up a new job. If you really need to move, you can safely plan your relocation by asking a reputable moving company to help you. You can also check COVID-19 travel updates for more information and guidelines.

If you belong to a high-risk group such as seniors or persons with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, it is advisable to postpone your move.

Moving during the pandemic means you have more time to plan your relocation.
Organize, sanitize, and donate unwanted items or perishable items.

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Find reliable moving companies for a safe move

It has never been more important than now to work with a reliable moving company for your relocation.

Professional movers are familiar with the risks and have undergone training for safety protocols to make sure that every move is delivered safely and efficiently.

They also check regularly for travel updates and new developments to anticipate issues and prepare for them in advance. All of these measures work to keep your move as hassle-free and safe as possible.

We can help you find reliable movers for:

• Local moves
• Long distance moves
• Piano or pool table moving
• Cross-border moves
• International moving

Just fill out the form below to connect with the best movers in your area and get FREE and NO COMMITMENT quotes. All of these steps will be contact-free and without charge so you can compare movers and their prices in the comfort of your home.

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