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Insanely Easy Tips for Moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario for Less

8 juin 2016,

A great place to go home to, Thunder Bay boasts of beautiful natural scenery, low cost of living, affordable real estate, and a strategic location. People from all walks of like decide to relocate here.  In fact, you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the city for less than $800, hard to beat in other Canadian cities.

We aim to help you with an easy move to Thunder Bay with help from our reliable and experienced moving partners.



Where are you moving from?

Regardless of your point of origin, you’ll need to plan the best way to move to Thunder Bay without putting a serious strain on your budget.

If you are moving from other Ontario cities or other parts of Canada, you are making a long distance move (usually more than 100 miles).  You’ll need a long distance mover to deliver your household goods at the most reasonable cost. We have moving partners that specialize in economy and premium moving services to suit all types of budgets.


Complete or Customized Moving Services Tailored to Every Move

Long distance movers can take care of every aspect of your move – packing/unpacking, auto relocation, piano moving, loading and unloading, and transport. You can pick services you need to customize your move or obtain flat rates for moving truck and movers.


What neighborhood in Thunder Bay are you moving to?

Thunder Bay moving companies specialize in relocation to anywhere in the city. They know all the neighborhoods to ensure the quickest possible arrival of your goods.

In case you are still scouting for an ideal neighborhood, you must research your prospects carefully to avoid high-crime areas. Unfortunately, Thunder Bay has the 2nd highest incidence of violent crime in Canada.

Majority of residents are English-speaking with less than 3% French. It has large Finnish, Italian, and Chinese populations.


Choose an Easy Move by Hiring the right Thunder Bay Movers

Moving is very stressful, whether it’s just 50 miles or 300 miles.  It will require a lot of physical work such as packing, disassembling and assembling furniture, heavy lifting, and unpacking.

Moving companies aim to make relocation as stress-free as possible. While movers can do everything for you so you can just sit and watch while they magically cart away your belongings, not everyone wants to pay a high price for moving.


By choosing the right Thunder Bay movers, you can obtain lower moving rates for moving truck, moving truck with movers, or the whole she-bang.

  • ✓ Packing and Unpacking Services
  • ✓ Loading and Unloading
  • ✓ Disassemble and Assemble Furniture
  • ✓ Door to Door Transport
  • ✓ Piano or Pool Table Moving

Don’t punish yourself by doing all these with a moving truck rental. Make sure your move is covered by insurance and goods are safe from loss and damage during transport.

It is advisable to relocate with a trusted and reputable moving company so that someone is accountable in case of an accident or damage.


Think Twice About Making a DIY Move on your Own

If you are a student moving to Thunder Bay with just a bed and a few boxes of clothes, a DIY move may seem like an easy and cheap option.

But for individuals moving from a home with 5 rooms, kids and a car latched to a trailer, you have all the ingredients of a nightmare.

If you are driving a rented truck full of your belongings and it breaks down on the highway, that’s major stress situation.

There are really many advantages to hiring a professional mover vs. DIY moving.


Cheapest Quotes Are Not Necessarily the Best

It cannot be emphasized enough that the cheapest quotes are not necessarily the best.

The danger in cutting corners on relocation is that you could become prey to cheap but unethical individuals posing as movers.

Unfortunately, a common tactic used by such individuals is to dangle very low moving prices to hook customers.  Once your cargo is loaded, you will be told that you have to pay twice or three times more than the agreed upon price.


DIY Moves Pose Many Risks to you and your belongings

Of course, people think the cheapest method, as with most things in life, is to do it yourself.  However, as mentioned earlier, DIY moving is fraught with many risks and dangers. Injury, accidents, damage and breakage… the list is a long one.

It is possible to get cheaper moving rates without compromising on the quality and safety of your relocation. By comparing free online moving quotes from established moving companies, you can choose the most affordable price from reliable movers.

Are you worried about hiring a bad moving company? You can visit the Better Business Bureau for Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario to check on a Thunder Bay moving company.


Why Choose the Hard Way Over the Easy Way to Move?

The number 1 reason people choose to move on their own is to save money.  There are certain situations where it is cheaper to rent a truck for a self-move such as when you are moving locally with only a few items to bring or if you really can’t afford to hire a moving company.

But in many other situations, it doesn’t help you save much if you move long distance on a rented truck.  The only significant difference is that self-moving with a rented truck is more stressful, dangerous, and time-consuming.


3 insanely easy ways for painless and affordable relocation

You’ll be happy to know that professional moving companies understand that people want to save money. Thus, they offer a wide range of moving options for smaller budgets.


# 1- Moving truck only

Like U-Haul and Budget, moving companies offer moving truck only for local moves. The only difference is that it comes with a driver so you don’t do any driving. You will do your own packing and loading/unloading from origin to destination.  The driver will not assist with your move but will take care of parking and moving the truck.

Moving rates for moving truck only cost much less than a moving truck with movers. Moving companies offer packages for as low as $60 per hour.  There may be a minimum hour charge, usually 2 or 3 hours.


# 2 – Moving Truck with 2 or 3 Movers

If you can do your own packing, you can simply get a moving truck with 2 or 3 movers.

Local moves are charged hourly rates for the truck and movers. Your movers will load and unload the truck and deliver the cargo to your new address.  You can even ask your movers to take care of disassembling furniture.

This type of service is also available for long distance moves to Thunder Bay. But for long distance moves, the moving company will provide you with a flat rate.


# 3 – Moving Containers

Moving containers are very economical. You can get as many moving containers as needed, depending on the volume of your goods. The moving containers are available in different sizes and you can estimate the right size you need.

This option gives you more flexibility not only in terms of cost but also with packing and loading your container.  You can store boxes and furniture in your moving container until you are ready to have your belongings delivered by the moving company.

This option is also available for local and long distance moves. It is perfect for individuals who don’t need moving labor and desire only safe and reliable delivery of their household goods.


Different Types of Moving Companies to Choose From

There are thousands of moving companies operating in Canada. These companies have different operations, pricing systems, and quality of services. Customers need to understand the type of moving company they need to ensure a pleasant and smooth move.


Franchisees, Van Lines, and Independent Moving Companies

Some companies are franchisees of brands such as Two Men and a Truck, You Move Me, etc. Franchisees benefit from a wide network of resources to undertake local, long distance, and international moves.

Other companies are agents of large van lines such as Atlas, Allied, Mayflower, or United Van Lines.  These companies are also full-service movers. If you hire a van line, they will assign your move to their official agent serving your area and destination. Various agents may share the completion of your move if it is inter-provincial.

Other companies are small and independent movers. Some of them may be bigger and would have multiple locations across Ontario, including Thunder Bay.

Are you wondering if it is better to hire a small moving company or a large van line? Understand more about the pros and cons of these moving companies to choose the perfect mover for your relocation.


Hire the right movers for specialized moving

When looking for a moving company, you must also consider if you need specialized moving services. Not all moving companies, especially smaller ones, handle fine art moving, piano moving, or pool table moving.

Special items, especially fragile and valuable items, may need special tools for handling such as craning a piano or pool table. Some moving companies specialize in these types of moves and will have experienced movers knowledgeable about handling and care of such items.

Specialized moving services include the following:

  • ✓ Medical equipment relocation
  • ✓ Computers and IT equipment
  • ✓ Antique furniture
  • ✓ Piano and Pool table
  • ✓ Hot tub moving
  • ✓ Auto or recreational vehicle moving

If you have specialized cargo for relocation, make sure to choose a mover that offers it as a specialized service.  This will also ensure the proper insurance coverage for your precious items.


Compare Movers to Thunder Bay with 1 Short Form

It’s not fun to keep repeating your moving details from one mover to another.

Chances are, you are likely to forget to mention something to one company and you could get a completely wrong moving estimate.

Moving costs are affected by the timing of your move, the distance of your relocation, the weight of your goods, and even the nature of your home’s contents.

1 Quick Form to get 5 Free Moving Quotes

For this reason, we designed 1 simple and quick request form for you to fill-out in 2 minutes. This will help us connect you with best movers for your type of move and receive the lowest moving estimates.

Our free moving quotes beat over-the-phone estimates which can be misleading and oftentimes, not guaranteed.

Save time from finding movers and get the best value from your moving service with free and no obligation moving quotes to Thunder Bay.

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