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Find the Best Moving Companies and Services in Montreal in 2021

Are you moving to or from Montreal soon? Plan your move with a professional mover to ensure a smooth and pleasant moving experience.

We have partnered with the best Montreal moving companies for residential moves, commercial moves, long-distance or local moves.

These moving companies are fully licensed and insured so you have complete peace of mind. Apartment movers, residential movers, and commercial movers can be found in our wide network of Montreal moving companies.

Moving services

Get awesome moving services for less including:

✓ Loading and unloading

✓ Full or partial packing services

✓ Moving supplies (boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap)

✓ Moving equipment (blankets, dollies, pads, floor runners)

✓ Disassembly and assembly of furniture

✓ Short or long-term storage services

✓ Piano moving

✓ Pool table moving

Just want a moving truck with movers? Need other services like packing or piano moving in Montreal? We can help you find the right mover with 5 free movers’ quotes.


Movers for safe moving during a pandemic


We now live in unprecedented times and safe moving has never been more important. We all know that social distancing is the best course of action. However, relocation cannot always be put on hold. Is it better to hire professional movers during this pandemic?

Most importantly, do moving companies still offer moving services?

Yes, moving services are available despite the notable closure of many companies. It is important to carefully compare and select moving companies for your own protection.

Moving companies are aware of the risks and take precautions when it comes to handling your goods, storing your goods, and assembling them after a move. Further, most processes before the move are non-contact as technology makes good communication between you and your movers easy.

 The company can also ask you to forward photos of your home and belongings by email so they can assess your move without having to physically visit your home. Documents regarding your move including the quotation will also be sent to you by email or mail based on your preferences.

Many moving companies also accept payments through credit cards for convenience and safety.

The biggest change at the moment in terms of conducting a professional move is the customer experience provided by the different companies. It is advisable to speak to the moving company and ask questions before you sign them up, particularly on how they sanitize their equipment and processes.

Renting a moving truck during Covid-19

Moving truck rental companies are still operating as they are classified as essential services. The different companies such as U-Haul or PODs have adopted their own protocols for physical distancing and sanitation. Booking your rental truck can be done online or by phone prior to your move.

Again, don’t be shy to ask questions that can put your mind at ease regarding their safety protocols.

It is also very important to find out any regulations or COVID-19 precautions required by the province or city you are moving to.

In Quebec province and the city of Montreal, moving residences is allowed. If you can’t hire movers, you are allowed to ask family or friends to help but you must limit their number and time together. As much as possible, maintain a distance of 2 meters and make sure nobody is showing any symptoms for COVID-19.

Frequent handwashing is a must and you should refrain from shaking hands, touching, and having other physical contact.

You can check out these questions and answers about travel and moving during the COVID-19 pandemic from Quebec province.


Safety protocols followed by moving companies


Professional moving companies strictly follow provincial and city safety protocols. These measures include:

·         Compliance with federal and provincial guidelines regarding sanitation and social distancing

·         Use of virtual surveys for preparing a quote

·         Frequent and thorough sanitation of moving equipment and trucks

·         Limited contact with customers and among members of their moving team

·         The use of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer at all times


These measures help to make every move safe. With a virtual move preparation, movers don’t need to enter your home to make an assessment. 

Use third-party services to book your moving company is not a moving company but rather a network of moving company partners that facilitate how you find a reliable mover at the best price.

As a third-party service provider, we make it easier and faster for you to find the right movers for your relocation to help you stay safe.

·         Fill out a short online form to request FREE and NO COMMITMENT QUOTES

·         Compare movers’ offers and ask questions

·         Select the best mover based on your own criteria


Contact-free, no commitment, fast and free moving quotes for your safety and convenience. Our moving quotes allow you to save time and money to find a hassle-free and professional relocation service within your budget.

Lowest Moving rates from Montreal to Anywhere in Canada


When looking for a good moving company, we understand you want the lowest moving rates. With free moving quotes, you can compare moving prices from multiple movers to get the best price.

The cost of moving from Montreal will depend on the distance of your move. Professional movers charge for their services based on:

Local moves in Montreal (less than 50 to 100 miles)

If you are moving within the city, or to a destination that is 50 to 100 miles, your move is considered a local move. Moving companies determine if it is a local move using a pre-set distance which can vary from one mover to another.  Local moves are charged using fixed hourly rates.

Whether you get a moving truck with 2 movers to load and unload or if you ask them to pack the kitchen or disassemble furniture, the cost will be computed based on the number of hours worked.

Find Lowest Hourly Rates with Moving Truck

Moving companies offer fixed hourly rates for local moves depending on the size of the truck you need and the number of movers required.

You can find movers offering 20 ft. truck with 2 movers or 3 movers with prices that average from $80 per hour to $120 per hour.

Small moves such as student moves or studio moves can also use smaller trucks such as cube trucks and cargo vans. Medium-sized moves can use 18 ft. or 20 ft. moving trucks with 3 or more movers.

A word of caution: Don’t hire a mover based entirely on the price. Always ask questions (add-ons, insurance coverage) and obtain a written moving quote.


If you are moving to Ottawa, Toronto, British Columbia, or even to the USA, your moving cost will be computed based on distance and weight of your cargo.  Long- distance moves are generally billed flat moving rates.

When you hire a moving company for a long-distance move, the company will request for photos of your home and belongings to assess your inventory. They will make an assessment of the weight of your belongings (in pounds) and provide a written estimate (guaranteed and not to exceed moving quotes).

On the day of the move, they will get the actual weight of your inventory and will then bill you the final moving cost.

It is best to compare moving companies by requesting for 5 free movers’ quotes from experienced Montreal movers.

Cost of Local Move vs. a Long-Distance Move

Depending on the distance of your move, a moving company will calculate the cost of your relocation services.

If it is a local move within Montreal (Outremont, Lasalle, Verdun, Rosemont, Longue-Pointe, etc.), the company will offer an hourly rate based on the time they leave their office and return after the move is completed.

Don’t get us wrong; the time won’t be just for the travel such as 30 minutes for the two-way trip but also the time it takes to load, unload, unpack, disassemble and assemble your furniture and appliances.

Most movers also have a minimum charge, for instance, 3 hours, billed to a customer for short or small moves.

Make sure to review any moving quote and ask questions to ensure there are no hidden charges such as for stairs, parking, etc. You will be surprised to know that some movers have miscellaneous charges that may not be disclosed upfront.

Keep in mind that certain equipment such as musical instruments such as a piano and sports equipment such as a billiard table, may have different pricing.

How do movers bill for a long-distance move?

A long-distance move is more than 150 kilometers, leaves the city of origin, or crosses provincial lines. For instance, moving from Montreal to Ottawa is a long-distance move. A move that crosses international borders such as from Montreal to any part of the USA is considered an international move.

For long-distance and international moves, your moving bill is estimated based on the weight of your cargo, the distance of the move, and other services required. The bill is calculated based on the weight of your cargo when loaded into the truck, minus the weight when the truck is empty.

Moving containers are used to transport your belongings so that they are not damaged even when traveling through harsh weather and conditions. This method costs less than directly shipping your valuables.

Understand that moving companies use different rates to calculate the bill based on weight.

Reputable moving companies belong to professional moving organizations such as the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) or the International Association of Movers (IAM).


Moving Companies Throughout Montreal for local or long-distance moves


5 Movers Quotes have partner moving companies that provide removal services throughout Montreal for all types of moves.


Baie d’UrfeSainte-GenevieveSunnybrook
CartiervilleCote Saint-LucLachine
Point St. CharlesCotes-des-NeigesVille-Marie
OutremontLa Petite PatrieSaint-Michel
RosemontAnjouMontreal East


For moving in Montreal South Shore to Montreal North Shore, moving companies in our network are well-qualified and can be relied upon to deliver a smooth and safe relocation.

From small moves to large residential moves, you can be sure to find the right moving company by comparing our free moving quotes.

Beware of cheap movers – Compare Moving Quotes from Reputable Movers

Hiring a moving company in Montreal is not something you do lightly. Your movers will be in charge of your household belongings, including items that may have sentimental value to you.

There are rogue movers that offer cheap moving rates but don’t provide quality services. Your goods can get damaged, even lost. Avoid stress on moving day by choosing a reputable and experienced Montreal mover.

Say no to movers without a license, without insurance, and without experience.

Reputable movers are licensed to carry out interstate moves and are members of professional organizations such as the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), or the International Association of Movers (IAM).

More Choices with Multiple Moving Companies

Most long-distance moves are from Montreal to Quebec and vice-versa. In such cases, you can choose to hire a mover from Montreal or Quebec City.  Some movers have regular trips between both destinations and can give you great deals.  This is also true for moves from Montreal to Calgary.

Long-distance moving is more complex than a local move. You may need more than just a moving truck and 2 helpers. It becomes even more critical to hire a good moving company for long distance moves.

When you request for free moving quotes, we consider the type of move, your required services, your location and destination, and invite the most qualified movers to provide you with competitive quotes. This free service will help you to find the right mover for the job.

How to Choose a Good Montreal Moving Company


When it comes to choosing a good Montreal moving company, you have a variety of options.

You can look for the cheapest moving rates or compare other important factors to ensure a successful move.

How many movers do you need? Medium-sized to large-sized moves, depending on the number of rooms, will need 3 to 4 movers.

What size of truck do you need? If the truck is too small, you’ll need to make multiple moves which will increase the time needed to complete the move and the total cost of your move.

What moving services do you need? If you need more than just a moving truck with movers, look for a full-service moving company with a complete line of services including packing and storage.

Are you moving a piano, pool table, or spa? Specialized items require special moving services. You can find a moving company that also handles piano moving and other hard to move items.

In some instances, especially for great distances, it makes more sense to ship a vehicle to a new city than to drive it cross country. This service can also be done by your relocation company.

Why search for hours and spend much time over the phone asking for moving estimates?

Fill-out our quick online form and provide details of your move to receive moving estimates from the best movers qualified for your moving needs.


Booking a Montreal Mover – Arranging for Moving Date and Time

Contact free booking for your move for convenience and safety

When you have selected your moving company from free online moving quotes, coordinate with the mover regarding your inventory, moving supplies, moving date and time, etc. by phone or email. In-home inspection is not advisable during this time.

A moving specialist will check on your inventory (using photos of your home) so that the company can recommend the ideal size of truck, number of movers required, and the most accurate moving estimate.

The moving company will provide you with paperwork related to your move. Check the details including the correct date, the time, the estimated schedule of delivery in your new destination, moving insurance coverage, and other important facts.

Check your moving quote – Is it a Guaranteed Quote?

Your written quote should also indicate if the price is a guaranteed, not to exceed quote. This means your total moving bill cannot exceed the estimated price for your protection.

Always check the company’s policy on delivery delays, and the claims process for damage or loss.

It is best to book a move as early as possible, especially if you are moving during peak season.

5 Practical Tips for Lower Montreal Moving Cost

  1. Be flexible, if possible, with your moving date.Avoid peak times for moving, including holidays and on or before July 1 which is Moving Day in Montreal. Moving around this time can be stressful due to traffic, parking problems, and higher moving rates.
  2. Discard items in storage that you don’t really need. Your move is greatly affected by the weight of your cargo.
  3. You can do your own packing to save on moving expenses.You can also choose to have movers pack only fragile or difficult to pack items.
  4. Be prepared on moving day. Appliances should be unplugged, chandeliers taken down, and cabinets and storage spaces emptied.
  5. Compare moving packages with free moving quotes to find the most suitable option.Movers have different packages for local and long-distance moves. Always ask if your quote is a guaranteed rate. Many movers also provide student discounts and seniors discounts.

Moving from Montreal? Get Professional Movers to help

If you have found a great apartment to move to, bought a new house, or got a new job in another city, you will need these very essential things.

You’ll need a moving plan. Can do DIY your move or do you need a professional moving service?

DIY moving may seem more economical, but depending on the size and distance of your move, it may cost the same amount as getting a Montreal moving company. And you will need to do all the hard work with a DIY move.

If you decide to hire a moving company, you should plan when your moving day will be and book your mover. It is best to book as soon as possible to avoid last-minute decisions that can cause stress and problems.

When you have a definite moving date, you should:

✓ Obtain your free moving quotes

✓ Choose your moving company

✓ Get a guaranteed or binding written quote

✓ Moving insurance (optional for valuables or check your homeowners’ insurance)

Finding a mover has never been so easy. With our free moving quotes, you get all the information you need to plan the best mover ever. 

Be smart about your move and hire professional movers to do it for you. Fill out the form below and receive multiple quotes to compare to save time and money!

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