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Move to Chatham-Kent with Moving Companies you can Trust

8 juin 2016,

If you are planning a move to Chatham-Kent and still unsure which mover to hire, don’t despair.

We know it is an overwhelming decision and you are right to be cautious.  After all, not only are you spending good money, you are also entrusting your life-long possessions to strangers.

For this reason, it is important to carefully choose your moving company. Professional movers, big and small, are bonded and insured, licensed and qualified, to undertake local and long distance moving to Chatham-Kent.

Many Moving Options from Premium to Economy Moving

You should know that you have a wide variety of options to suit your preferences and your budget.  Whether you are moving on a small budget or with more funds at your disposal, you can choose the best moving service for your convenience.

From DIY moving to turn-key moving services, professional moving companies in our network can arrange for your safe and pleasant relocation.

When it comes to moving options, our partner moving companies have the right moving solutions for moving truck rental, moving labor, moving containers, and more.

  • ✓ Can’t do some or all of your packing?
  • ✓ Need only a moving truck and help with loading?
  • ✓ Want movers to do everything?

You can find moving options that suit your needs at affordable prices with our free moving quotes.


First-time to hire a moving company? 5 Tips from the Experts

If you are hiring a moving company for the first time, there are many things you could overlook. People tend to think hiring a mover simply means picking up the phone and calling the neighborhood mover.  That may be fine if you are moving a few blocks away.

If you are making a long distance move to or from Chatham-Kent, you’ll want to make sure you don’t overspend on your relocation.


1. Obtaining Free Moving Quotes Online

Since your very busy preparing for your move, you’ll want the easiest and most convenient method for finding a good moving company.

We have designed our process for obtaining free moving quotes to be as quick as possible. Using only 1 simple form, you can connect with 5 professional movers and get competitive quotes based on your moving details.


Movers need to know your origin and destination, the date you want to move, and how much inventory you need to relocate. This information will dictate the final cost of your moving service.

Obtaining free moving quotes online allows you to compare multiple quotes from movers to get the best value for your money.


2. You Need to Hire Movers that Specialize in your Type of Move

You may not know that not all moving companies are the same. They each have specialization. For example, if you are a student moving to another city, you should hire a mover specializing in student moves. Senior relocation requires more care and attention especially if the individual is moving to a retirement home. Many moving companies specialize in senior relocation and are experienced in moves to retirement homes and communities.

If moving more than 100 to 150 miles (it varies among moving companies), you should hire a long distance mover. Long distance movers have the license to transport household goods across states and carry the right level of insurance to protect your goods.

Knowing the type of move you need to make and hiring the right mover can help you to save money and avoid hassles that come with moving. You can find small moving companies or large van lines in Canada for your relocation.


3. The Size of Moving Truck Matters

Some customers don’t want all the joys of a complete moving service and just wants to get a moving truck with movers. In such cases, don’t get a moving package for truck and movers based on lowest cost. It is critical to get the right size of moving truck.

Moving companies have a fleet of moving trucks of different sizes to accommodate different volumes. Below is a guide to moving trucks for your consideration.

Truck Size Size of Home Number of Movers
12 ft. Up to 2 rooms 2
16 ft. Up to 3 rooms 3
18 ft. Up to 4 rooms 3
20 ft. Up to 5 rooms 4
24 -26 ft. 6 or 7 rooms 4


While this can be useful for determining the right size of truck, you should also consider the contents of each room. You may have more stuff and furniture in some rooms than the average person such as your living room and your kitchen.


Movers recommend the right-sized truck and number of movers

Your moving company can make an assessment of your home’s contents and recommend to you the right size of truck and number of movers ideal for your move.

Getting the right size of truck and number of movers is critical to avoid multiple trips which could cost you more money and unnecessarily prolong the time of completion.

Professional movers provide fully-equipped, clean, and well-maintained moving trucks to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.


4. Be flexible to save on moving costs.

When we say flexibility, it means being ready to move on another date, being willing to share a truck, or being okay with a longer delivery time.

Being flexible can help you save hundreds, maybe even thousands, from your moving cost, depending on your type of move.

  • ✓ For instance, flexibility with your moving date can mean lower moving rates. Moving companies charge higher rates during peak season.
  • ✓ If you don’t need a whole truck for your belongings, many movers offer consolidated moving services so you can slash travel costs by sharing with another customer.
  • ✓ If you don’t need an expedited delivery of your household goods, you could also get lower moving rates.

Of course, not everybody can be flexible. Some moves are highly time-critical, such as when moving because of a new job.  Your friendly moving company will always be happy to recommend ways to lower your moving expenses.


5. Choose from self-moving, hybrid moving, or premium moving services

The cost of moving company services depends on what you choose. You can tailor your moving service to your needs and budget.

  • A self-move or DIY move means you do your own packing. You can also do your own loading/unloading. You can simply hire a moving truck with driver to get your goods to your destination. This allows you to avoid driving a truck full of furniture and boxes long distance, much better than hiring a U-Haul truck.
  • You can also do a hybrid move which allows you to mix DIY options with professional service. A perfect example is the moving container option offered by many independent and large van lines.  You can rent a moving container, pack and load it yourself, and the company will deliver your sealed container to your new location. You can also choose to get professional packing only, or load/unload and deliver.
  • For individuals who can’t make a self-move or a hybrid move, premium moving services are designed to take all the hard work off your hands. Movers can do your packing, crating, disassembly and assembly, and door to door delivery.

Take advantage of a wide variety of moving services and moving options for an easier but affordable move.  Read these secrets moving companies don’t tell you that could help you lower your moving bill.

Want to know how much your move to Chatham-Kent will cost you? Request for 5 free moving quotes with our quick online form. It takes only 2 minutes!


Move without Fear – ProMovers from our Moving Network

People have heard so many scary stories about movers. It is not surprising if you feel anxious about hiring a moving company.

There’s no need, really, to feel afraid of moving companies. These are legitimate businesses with a reputation to protect and adhere to ethical standards in the moving industry.


Over 200 Moving Partners with the Right Credentials

As a matter of fact, our more than 200 moving partners have earned their credentials as a ProMover. They are members in good standing with the Canadian Association of Movers and were vetted to have the right requirements and qualifications to deliver moving services in Canada. They are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

When you request for free moving quotes from our network, you are guaranteed to receive bids only from professional and reputable movers. Move without fear by working with our local and long distance moving partners.


Move to Chatham-Kent for Entrepreneurship, Education, Retirement, and Living

If you are ready to move to Chatham-Kent, you have chosen a great destination for entrepreneurship, education, retirement, and for living.

Chatham-Kent in Southern Ontario brings to mind white sand beaches and a wonderful climate. Cold and snowy in winter but warm to humid in summer, it appeals to people who desire to enjoy all the 4 seasons.

Easily accessible from Toronto, London, Montreal, Kitchener, Windsor, and Detroit via the Ambassador Bridge, it makes commuting a breeze.


Home Ownership for New Residents at Much Lower Costs

With its much lower cost of living, beautiful natural scenery, diverse recreational opportunities, and unique business opportunities, Chatham-Kent offers many advantages for all ages.

Its climate is milder than other parts of Ontario, affording an active and healthy lifestyle the whole year round.

With average home prices significantly lower at $163,276 compared to London, Ottawa, Barrie, Mississauga, and Kitchener, residents can enjoy a high quality of life.

It is a perfect retirement spot where you can own a home and enjoy outdoor activities like golf, birdwatching, boating, and fishing.


Book your Moving Company with Free Moving Quotes

It is critical to book your moving company ahead of time to have a stress-free moving day. Once you have finalized your move, you’ll have peace of mind and just look forward to a new chapter in your life.

We have emphasized how important it is to choose a moving company wisely.  We want to help you avoid the time-consuming and difficult task of looking for the best Chatham-Kent movers.

We invite you to fill-out this short online request form to connect with reputable and professional moving companies for your relocation.

In just 2 minutes, you’ll get to meet the best movers equipped and qualified to handle your move to Chatham-Kent.

Don’t just hire any moving company without back-checking your movers. Consult this Consumer Checklist for Hiring a Moving Company  to ensure your household goods are in safe hands.

Our moving partners are professional movers with the necessary credentials and insurance to provide a safe and convenient relocation to Chatham-Kent.

Find your best moving company with our no obligation moving quotes today!

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