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How To Move To Barrie, On – Work And Live In The Greater Golden Horsehoe

11 June 2016,

Find Incredibly Low Moving Deals to Barrie you Thought You Couldn’t Afford

A bustling economy and high quality of life awaits you when you move to Barrie, ON

You must be excited to move to Barrie and live and work in the Golden Horseshoe.

This attractive and dynamic city offers a whole lot to newcomers – beaches, skiing, more than 90 parks all over the city, walking trails, and so much more.  It truly is full of natural beauty and cultural amenities to enjoy all year round.

Before you can start planning your new life in Barrie, you have to make sure to wrap things up in your old home. Moving home is so stressful because you may be closing a house, buying a new one, getting a new job, the list just goes on. And you also have to find time to say good-bye to all your friends and family.


With so much to do and so little time, it is important to get the right help for your relocation to Barrie. Here is where we can be of tremendous service with our network of reputable moving partners.

It is critical that you find the best movers for your move to Barrie. You can use free moving quotes to compare movers and their services to get the best price.


5 Reasons Professional Movers Are Not as Expensive as you Think

Barrie is a haven for people desiring an active lifestyle.  It is a mecca for avid golfers, skiers, or even snowboarders or hikers.  And with Toronto just minutes away by GO Train, it’s cool to work somewhere but live in Barrie.

People move to Barrie for so many reasons – to work, to study, to raise a family, or to retire.  But no matter what the reason is, you will always have a moving budget in mind.

Major employers in Barrie include Scotia Bank, IBM, Transcom, Coca-Cola, and Wolf Steel. If you are moving because of your job, it’s possible that your company may be paying all or part of your moving expenses.  You’ll want to make the most of your move with movers specializing in corporate relocation.

If you are paying for your own move, all the more reason you would be price-conscious and want to save on moving costs. Don’t think, however, that you need to go DIY all the way. You may end up saving very little with a DIY move and just frustrated over the hardship and expenses you incur.

The fact is that professional movers are not really as expensive as you think. Your moving charges are based on the type of services you obtain. If you go for a turn-key moving service, you surely pay a lot more for the convenience. But if you are able to stick to just loading and transport, or transport only, you can actually save a lot of money.


Professional movers understand well that customers want low moving rates. However, majority of movers want to keep costs down without compromising on the safety and efficiency of your move.  Therefore, they provide hybrid moving services for economy moving that allows you to do a bit of DIY moving with professional moving services.

What’s a hybrid move? Well, it is nothing fancy but is designed for the budget-conscious individual.


1. Moving Labor only

If you have transport but can’t do the heavy lifting on your own or need help with packing, some moving companies specialize in providing moving labor only.  You can hire as many helpers as you need for a minimum number of hours.  You can also get someone to drive your rented truck.

You can save hundreds of dollars from a full-moving service without having to break your back with heavy work.


2. Rental Containers

This is another economical and convenient option, particularly if you need short-term storage for your relocation. The container comes in various sizes and delivered to your door by professionals. The container is also picked-up and brought to your new location at your convenience.


3. Moving Truck and Movers

Some people just need loading and unloading help plus transport. You get to DIY some of the work such as packing and then let the pros do the rest.  By doing some of the work yourself, you cut down on services you need and consequently reduce your moving costs.


4. Moving Truck Only

If you have more DIY spirit than the rest, you can get only moving truck. The package comes with a driver but he won’t help with loading or unloading.  Your cargo will be safely delivered to your new location. You need to do the rest.


5. Consolidated Moves – Small Loads

For those who don’t have a truck full of cargo and don’t want to pay the minimum 2000 pounds most full-movers require, you can choose a consolidated move. Sharing truck space with another customer moving to the same area will help you to slash your moving costs.

This option is not for someone who is in a hurry to get his stuff. Movers will need to book other moves to share the truck space and will make more stops than usual, resulting in a longer delivery time. But if you can survive for a few weeks without your cargo, it is definitely a very practical option.

These 5 ways professional moving services can be more affordable can help you to plan your move even with a small budget.


Level Up your Move – Full Service Moves for the Quality Conscious

Move to Barrie – Enjoy beautiful afternoons at Lake Simcoe

You may have just sold your home in Toronto and moving to a bigger home in Barrie. If you are coming from Sault Ste. Marie to Barrie, the longer distance surely increases your concern for your items surviving the long drive.


Some Can’t DIY and Need More Help

Many people place a lot of importance in their move and want everything to go as smoothly as possible.  They can’t take care of all the logistics and need more help than the average person.

A perfect example is a working married couple with 2 kids and a 3-bedroom home. The day-to-day chores don’t leave them with much time for packing everything up and making the long drive by truck with kids in tow.


Full-Service Moving from Start to Finish

Full-service moving companies cater to individuals with more complex moving needs. When you choose a full-moving service, movers will arrive at your home a day or two before moving day to pack everything up. They prepare your appliances and furniture, load everything up and unload from both locations, and can also help with unpacking and arrangement of your new home.

It can be a complete turn-key moving service – with temporary storage thrown in if you need it. You may also obtain upright piano moving service, pool table moving, or relocation of your recreational vehicle.


Full-Service Moving for Local or Long Distance Moves

The work that goes into a local or a long distance move is the same – only the time it takes to complete the move changes.

Whether you are coming to Barrie from Richmond Hill or Brantford, you’ll still need to do your packing/unpacking, loading and unloading.


Movers Can Pack, Load, and Drive

But with a long distance move, there’s also the long drive to consider and the time constraints for completing the move.

Full-service movers can take care of your move from start to finish, no matter how far you’re going.

Local moves are charged with hourly rates (usually less than 100 miles) while long distance moves are provided with flat rates.

Wondering which is better, hourly rates or flat rates? You can get a better understanding of how movers calculate costs for moving in Canada.


Avoid Moving Scams by Hiring a Professional Mover

Over the last few years, consumer complaints regarding moving scams have risen.  With the number of people relocating to and within Canada, the moving industry has seen a dramatic rise in the number of players offering a variety of moving services.

Unfortunately, some of the new players have not been professional in their business practices and have victimized hundreds of consumers.

Below are common moving scams by cheap movers:


1. Different movers showing up on moving day

Some people hire a cheap mover they find in an ad or online. On moving day, they get surprised by a different mover showing up.  Check if you are hiring a moving broker and determine the name of the moving company you will be dealing with.


2. Increased moving bill, double than original estimate

Some movers entice customers by quoting low ball park estimates to get you to sign up. Movers can’t give you an exact estimate without an in-home estimate, especially if you are making a long distance move.

These movers will cite tariffs and hidden fees you didn’t know about to demand more money.

Professional movers always provide a written quote, binding or not to exceed, to avoid surprise charges. This transparency protects you from being overcharged.  By accepting an unusually low moving quote, you could end up paying double the price.


3. Operating without license or insurance

There are movers who pass themselves off as legitimate when in fact they are operating illegally.  If a mover gets caught while moving your goods, the operation will be terminated.  Your household goods may be confiscated as evidence.

Should you have problems during the move, such as damage to your items, you will have little recourse for compensation.


4. Household Goods Held Hostage

People have experienced movers holding their goods hostage unless they agree to pay more than the estimate.  Usually, the movers will load goods onto the truck and demand more money before they deliver.  If you refuse, they would also resort to unloading all your items on the street.

You can avoid this situation by dealing only with a reputable moving company.  Make sure to get a guaranteed quote, a binding or not to exceed moving estimate.  With a not to exceed quote, your moving bill can only be increased by 10% of the original estimate.  An increase happens if your cargo is heavier due to additional goods not included in the original inventory.


5. Moving Deposit Scams

Professional movers don’t usually ask for a deposit when booking your move.  During peak moving season, though, in summer months, some movers may ask for a nominal amount to hold your moving date.  The amount of the deposit will depend on the moving estimate but is usually between $100-$500.

There are movers who run moving deposit scams by asking for a large cash deposit upfront. When this happens, it is better to stay away from the company.

Professional movers ensure that each detail of your move is documented and will provide you with the paperwork.

You must also check the company’s track record or look up a moving company with the Better Business Bureau for Central Ontario.


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