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Choosing the best Moving services, moving company and movers

27 août 2015,

5 tips for a cheap move in Quebec
Whether you are moving into Canada, leaving Canada, or just changing states, it is essential to understand everything the move entails, down to the smallest details. Your move is very important to you. With careful planning, it can be easier, less stressful, and as enjoyable as it should be.

It can take months of preparation to get everything packed away and transported, especially if you are on your own. If you are moving from Canada to the United States or vice-versa, documentation requirements at both Canada and U.S. customs can result in unnecessary delays if you don’t follow the right procedures. With the help of experienced and professional moving services, your move can be hassle-free. Everything can be arranged for you and your family – packing of furniture, china and other valuables, crating of your appliances, storage and transportation. This means you don’t have to do anything but count off the days and look forward to your new life.

It is so easy to start planning your move. The first action to take is to request for a consultant to check on your cargo and provide you with a free estimate of the moving cost. Your movers can explain what you need to ensure your possessions arrive at their destination safely. Moving services also provide assistance with questions regarding costs after a visual inspection of your items has been made.

There are significant benefits to be gained from using a professional moving company. Selecting the best mover is an important decision as it will affect the quality of your move and your beginning in your new location. Check for reliable movers and moving services right here.

Where are you moving to?

Are you planning a long distance move, a residential move, a commercial move, or an international one? This would be a very exciting but busy time. One way you can eliminate a lot of the problems that go with moving is to work with professionals who understand the business of moving.

No matter if you are moving to another street or crossing international lines, you need a company that would take care of all the details for you. Find out what types of moving services you can obtain and how you can save money from your move.

Different Moving Services

The most important thing you expect from a moving company is dedication in transporting your belongings. These represent the total of your life’s work – your personal items, family heirlooms, valuables, furniture, appliances, and more. You are entrusting your most valuable possessions to your movers and it is their job to guarantee their safe arrival.

Most moves happen during important occasions in your life. It could be your first promotion, a new baby, an international assignment, or retirement. Find your best moving options below.

Moving Within Canada

If you are making a residential move within Canada, you can request for an inspection of your items to get an initial estimate of the cost. A professional mover will visit your residence to get a clear picture of the things you need and your best options. The cost will vary depending on the distance of the move and the weight of your belongings.

Appliance servicing, crating, storage and vehicle transport are just some of the options available to you across Canada.

Moving to the United States

If you are making a fresh start in the US, it is important that you know and understand your duties, requirements, and what could happen at the U.S./Canada customs to prevent unnecessary problems with your shipment at the border. Your mover can help you in completing the necessary forms to make it as smooth as possible.

It is not required that you are present at the time your shipment crosses the border but you must have entered and declared your residency in the US before that happens. There are clear-cut rules when it comes to importing items which your mover can also inform you about.

International Moving

If you are embarking on a new life overseas, it is important that you plan your move abroad carefully. It can spell a huge advantage when you have the right moving company at your side.

You can avail of full-service package which includes packing and delivery, container, air freight and other relocation services that can help you to settle in more easily and comfortably.

Container Service

Sometimes, containers can be the best option for your move. If you need a convenient and stress-free option for storage for moving inside Canada, you can choose to ship your household items by container service. The benefits that can be derived from this service also include expedited or delayed delivery which gives you more flexibility in terms of the arrival date that is most convenient to you.

This option is also an excellent short-term solution for storage if you cannot yet move into your new location immediately. Since your belongings are kept in the container, you don’t need to unload them into a temporary storage area. This means less handling which reduces the risk of damage to your items. Various sizes of containers are available for your convenience.

Truck Rental Moving Service

When moving on a tight budget, you can choose to rent a truck for moving. The good thing is you don’t have to do the driving on unfamiliar roads. With this option, you can load and unload your items to give you more flexibility and savings but you can entrust the driving to your mover. This means you save money without having to do everything yourself.

Commercial Moving

If you are relocating an office or business, you can work with a moving company that provides proper scheduling and planning with your staff to ensure an effective move so that there is less disruption in your business operations.

You can avail of professional packing and shipping services, long term or short term storage, inventory of your equipment, supplies, and other office items, dismantling and re-installation, and other services to ensure a worry-free relocation.

Shipping of Goods

Freight shipping of special products for events such as trade shows or exhibits includes expedited freight, industrial moving, high-value shipping for medical equipment, computers, and telecommunications, or equipment, fixtures, or delivery of consumer goods.

Experienced staff makes sure that your high value products and equipment is taken care of based on your needs and that pick-up and delivery of items are done as efficiently as possible.

Packing Services

We know how important your belongings are to you. Most of them have personal and sentimental value that is irreplaceable. Your moving company will not just be packing material things but valuable memories of your life.

You can choose packing services by professionals who know the right way to handle antiques, crystal, art work, and other fragile items. When you avail of this service, you can rest assured that experienced and trained personnel are taking care of your most important belongings.

A professional moving company uses specialized cartons, bubble and plastic wrap, quilted moving pads and other specialized materials needed for protecting fragile items.


Your Moving Costs

The biggest question on your mind would be, “How much will it cost?” You can get free quotes and compare moving companies for your move anywhere in Canada or the United States.

For local moves, moving price is calculated based on how many men are needed, type of packing services required, working hours needed and distance.

Long distance moving cost is calculated based on size of move or weight and mileage.

Get as many as 5 quotes from 5 moving companies to choose the best mover for relocating to Toronto, Ottawa Montreal, and Quebec or just about anywhere Canada wide.

It is so easy to get an estimate for your budget. Whether you are moving a few boxes or a lot, or even an entire warehouse, you can find the most suitable moving company for your needs.

Full-Service Moving or Self-Service

All of us would have to move at least once in our lifetime. Not every move is the same. Depending on your needs, you can choose between Full-service or self-service moving.

If you decide to do it on your own, know that many self-service moves begin with a moving truck rental. You have to ask questions like:

  • What size of truck do you require?
  • Who will drive the truck?
  • When and where does the truck need to be returned?
  • Do you have the necessary materials for packing your belongings?
  • Will you be able to move with just one trip or several?

You need to answer these questions to make sure you can do with self-service moving. In the event that something goes wrong, you need to resolve the problem on your own. You have to arrive at your destination safely and on time, unpack your boxes, and get the truck back in time. There are also movers that provide drivers with the truck so you have less to worry about.

A full-service move will mean your family’s possessions will be handled by professionals. Your things will be packed systematically and carefully to ensure their safety as well as easy unpacking once you have settled in your new home. With the help of professional moving companies, you can focus your attention on the new life ahead of you and leave the details of the move in capable hands.

Whatever you choose, you can make your move a positive experience for your family by working with a team of experienced movers to guide you.

Reasons to Use Professional Packing Services

To ensure a successful move, it is critical to pack all belongings properly and carefully. Your things do not only have a monetary value but an emotional one as well. Hence, they deserve the best packing by professionals to avoid breakage or damage to valuables and fragile items.

Even when you have a small budget for the move, you can still choose to avail of packing services for delicate china and glass items. You can also choose to do your own packing and purchase good packing supplies such as cartons, tape, and packing paper at a small cost.

Packing Tips for Self-Service Moves

If you choose to save money by doing the packing yourself, here are some important packing tips that can help make your task as efficient and smooth as possible. Your packing has to meet standards that comply with good packing for residential or commercial moves which requires careful wrapping of breakables, use of sturdy cartons that can be closed, and packing that prevents rattling, bulging or inward bending.

The first step to packing your belongings is to have an organized system. You should plan items that will go in each carton or crate to ensure their safety as well as easy unpacking upon your arrival.

  • You can do room-to room packing, carefully choosing the items to pack for each carton.
  • Items that you won’t need until the next season can be packed together. Items that are also seldom used can go in one carton.
  • Essential items that are frequently used such as towels, soap, toiletries, paper plates and cups, medicines, etc. can also be packed together for easy unpacking.
  • Valuables such as jewelry, stamp or collections, or cash must never be packed but carried by you at all times.
  • Label each carton for easy identification.
  • Bed, dresser, shelves or table bolts and screws must be placed in plastic bags and taped to each article or placed in a carton labeled in such a way that you can easily identify for set-up.
  • Keep each box below 50 pounds and close the lids flat.
  • Dangerous or flammable items like matches, oily rags, paint, fluid, chemicals, cleaning products, lacquer, varnish, and charcoal can explode and damage your belongings. For this reason, these items should not be packed. Movers are also prohibited from carrying dangerous goods in transit.
  • Combustible liquids such as alcohol and disinfectant and explosives like fireworks or small arms ammunition should also be excluded from packing.

Special Packing Tips for Antiques and other Valuables


Antiques are prized possessions and may be priceless. It is important to obtain an appraisal from an expert to verify your personal property’s value for insurance purposes.

You should also obtain clear photographs of your antique items. Take note of all serial numbers, signatures or marks for reference.

Never use oil or wax on wood items before moving, particularly if you plan on having these items stored. There are products that cause wood to soften and risk imprinting of furniture pads.

Personal or Office Computers

Computers are investments and must be packed carefully against damage during transport. Moving companies are experienced in packing home computers. Should you decide to do your own packing, it is best to pack your PC in its original box and to use the packing material it came with. In case they have been thrown away, buy a box that is sufficiently sturdy and big enough for you to pack your computer with crumpled newspapers and plastic bubble wrap.

Your disk drive must be packed in a box with sufficient packing materials on all sides as the unit is quite sensitive to jarring. Other items that go with your computer such as monitor, keyboard, speakers, must also be packed with crumpled newsprint at the bottom of the box.

Moving your Pets

Pets also experience stress during a move. Travel arrangements for your pets should be done in advance. They cannot be placed in the moving van (except in the case of blind persons accompanied by a seeing eye-dog) and must travel by air or with you in a private motor vehicle.

If you are moving out of state, take note that every state has laws that apply to the entry of cats, dogs, birds and other pets. You must be aware of state regulations. The best thing to do is to contact a veterinarian in the state where you are moving to for assistance. For international relocation, you can get advice from your moving company regarding specific laws for entry of animals.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Moving Costs

Moving can be a very stressful experience unless you are a person without a lot of possessions. Many people accumulate an unbelievable amount of personal belongings in their lifetime. You will need to plan how to get all of your things in your new location at the least cost possible. There are tips you can use to reduce moving costs especially if you are on small budget.

  1. Prepare a budget for moving and take into account all expenses including for the moving truck, mover fees and packing supplies. By doing this, you can avoid being shocked by your moving expenses and keep more money in the bank.
  2. Don’t think that moving on your own will cost less than hiring a professional moving company. Renting a truck may sound cheaper to you but you need to also realize that a do-it-yourself job will require you to spend a lot of time and effort.
  3. You should get at least 5 moving estimates from different companies. Compare their rates and services.
  4. You can choose to move during off season such as in the autumn or winter when moving companies offer lower rates for as much as 30%.
  5. If you are considering a self-service move, plan your trip outside rush hours to avoid getting stuck in traffic. This will help you save on money and time.
  6. Consider what you don’t really need from your personal belongings and eliminate some of the weight which is one of the factors that drive up the cost of moving. You can donate what you don’t need to charity or sell them.

Customize Your Move

Every move is unique. When you have a made an evaluation of your specific needs and chosen your moving option, you can reduce your expenses by customizing your move.

A full-service move is the most efficient and stress-free option since professional movers will take care of every detail for you – from packing your boxes, loading them to the moving van, transporting your belongings to your destination, unloading upon arrival, and unpacking. This option saves you a lot of time and effort and will guarantee that you can simply enjoy a new chapter of your life and get ready to settle in your new location.

If you can take care of some of these tasks, you can reduce your moving expenses. For example, you can opt to rent a moving truck only and take care of packing, loading and unloading. If you don’t have a lot of furniture, this can be a cost-effective option. You may also choose to get packing services and rental truck only.

Knowing what your needs are and how you can save money can make all the difference. Plan your move well and work with the best moving company. Your family deserves all the attention at this special moment of your lives.


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